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Do-It- Yourself


Looking for some additional resource? Perhaps you have already lost weight and are looking for some DIY support, or maybe you are a team working on a budget. Whatever the reason, these pre-made programs and handouts can work for you!
Sports nutrition resources

Sports Nutrition


(video only)

Are you a high school coach or trainer? Sharpen your nutrition knowledge with this 60-minute recorded presentation!

  • Learn the following:

    • High school athlete energy needs

    • Carbohydrate and protein needs

    • How to fuel pre, during, and post workouts

    • Supplements: are they safe or necessary for high school athletes?

    • Youth hydration needs

    • Nutrient concerns for high school athletes

    • Special considerations, such as the Female Athlete Triad

    • Example meals and snacks


Lifetime Access!



(video and materials)

Are you a high school coach or trainer looking to sharpen your nutrition knowledge AND support your team with materials?

  • Includes the the same content of the video package PLUS:

    • PDF handouts for athletes & parents

    • Covers tournament fueling ideas, snack lists, eating out recommendations, the Female Athlete Triad and more!

    • PDF posters for printing and hanging in the training room - add your own logo!

    • Includes pre- and recovery fueling


Lifetime Access!


Weight mgmt resources

Weight Management

Trader Joe's 7-Day Dinner Meal Plan


  • Like Trader Joe's? Try this TJ-specific meal plan!

  • Includes the shopping list and recipe cards for 7-days worth of dinners for 2

  • Nutrition information provided

  • Meals range from 400-600 calories and 20-40 g protein

  • Provides suggestions on ways to increase or decrease calories, along with alternate foods to swap in

Trader Joe's Sample.PNG
Free resources

Free Resources

Smoothie Chart

Smoothie chart.PNG

Weekly Dinner Meal Planner

Weekly meal plan.PNG

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Anti Inflammatory.PNG

Recovery Fueling

recovery fueling.PNG
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