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Looking to provide a wellness or nutrition-related event for your team or organization? I can provide an individualized talk to support your team or organization's needs. I include engaging activities during my presentations to support a collaborative and entertaining learning environment. Feel free to contact me to discuss potential content, pricing, and scheduling. 


Example topics I have presented:

  • General performance fueling for rowing, XC/track, basketball, soccer, football, swimming/diving, ballet, lacrosse, gymnastics, tennis, golf, extreme sports

  • Athlete hydration needs

  • Training and competition fueling: Pre/during/post

  • Supplements 101

  • Weight management (gain or loss) for athletes

  • Understanding RED-S: Under-fueling in athletes

  • Meal planning 101

  • Mindfulness with eating

  • Navigating the grocery store

  • Nutrition for diabetes management

  • Nutrition for cardiovascular health

  • Understanding weight: The biology of weight and how nutrition can help

  • Fact or Fiction: Busting the Top Nutrition Myths


A sampling of organizations and teams to whom I have presented:

  • Gonzaga College High School

  • Wakefield High School

  • Washington Liberty High School

  • Episcopal High School

  • DC National Rowing Club

  • Alexandria Community Rowing

  • Camp Woodward

  • YSC Academy

  • The Washington Ballet

  • Perfect Pointe Dance Studio

  • True Body

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

  • Arlington County

  • Pew Research Center

  • Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy

  • Fast Track Physical Therapy

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