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1. I'm not a professional or elite athlete. Are sports nutrition services for me?

Yes! Sports nutrition services are appropriate for athletes of all ages and abilities. The specific plans and goals may vary, but the underlying value of appropriately fueling based on your activity type and level is the same.

2. I have a son or daughter between the ages of 12 - 18 that plays a sport. Do you work with adolescents/teens?

Yes. I've worked with many youth athletes in a wide variety of sports

3. Do you work with individuals with food allergies or alternate dietary approaches, such as vegans?

Yes. I have worked with individuals with one or more of the 8 major food allergies, individuals with Celiac disease; or individuals limiting foods due to personal preference, such as vegetarians or vegans. I am able to adapt recommendations based on your needs.

4. How far apart should the visits be, or how frequently do we need to meet?

It depends. Studies specific to weight loss and behavior change suggest more frequent visits with less time in between may be beneficial at the start; however, there is no standard amount of time between visits to which we must adhere. When we first meet we can decide together when to conduct the next follow-up visits. For most people, allowing 1-3 weeks before meeting again is enough time to experiment with the plan.

5. I've tried every weight loss diet and lost/regained my weight a dozen times. Will this finally help me keep it off?

Weight loss is challenging, but maintaining weight loss can be even harder. This is largely because the brain is wired to support maintaining a certain weight for survival purposes (not health). When we lose weight it receives messages to help increase hunger and drive food-seeking behaviors. This makes sticking to new habits very challenging! At the end of the day, weight loss is created by a calorie deficit and can be achieved through a wide variety of dietary methods. Keep in mind the quality or type of foods is not so much a factor in direct weight loss but rather other health markers, body composition, and things like satiety or cravings. I aim to help clients develop sustainable food habits and behaviors via individualized recommendations, a supportive environment, and through practical goal setting and monitoring. If there are other factors that may assist you in maintaining long-term weight loss, such as medications, exercise recommendations, physical therapy, or mental health counseling, I am able to provide you referrals to other specialty providers throughout the region and coordinate care with them.

6. I just want a meal plan. Are you able to provide this?

When working with patients individually, I create example fueling or meal plans based on preferences and daily routines. These plans usually include one to two days worth of examples along with education and discussion about the portions, foods, and timing. The ultimate goal is to help you learn how to create daily meal and snack ideas on your own. While pre-made plans can take some of the work out of meal planning, and even introduce new meal ideas, I find it helpful for clients to understand the logic behind the plan and work on developing ways to "exchange" new foods into it. If ultimately you would like a meal plan 1-4 weeks in length, it can be created at an additional hourly rate.

7. Do you work with teams or organizations?

Yes, I've provided nutrition talks for teams or organizations. Additionally, I have provided individual or consulting services to teams. To learn more about these services, feel free to reach out to me via phone or email!

8. I have gastrointestinal symptoms but I have not been to a gastroenterologist yet. Should I do that before I see you?

It depends. Based on symptoms and medical history, I may suggest seeing a gastroenterologist. Having the results of such a visit prior to our meeting may allow us to make the most of our visits together; however, it's not required. If you have more detailed questions about this I may be able to make a recommendation based upon the free 15-minute phone call I offer.

9. I would like sports nutrition guidance, but I'm also working on weight management or other nutrition-related health issues. Can we do both?

Yes. While the services and packages outline these as separate services, the reality is there is usually overlap. Our sessions will address any nutrition-related performance or health issues that arise while working together. 

10. Do I need to keep a food log in advance or during or work together?

It's up to you! During our first session together, we will spend time talking about your typical daily routine with food. if keeping a log is helpful for this, you may do so - but it's not required. Once we've met, we can decide together whether tracking or logs will be helpful for you. For those making changes to food habits, some version of awareness and self-monitoring can be helpful, but it doesn't have to be a food log. Additionally, for some individuals, tracking can contribute to focusing too heavily on numbers and disordered eating behaviors. As a result, I will work with you to find the best individualized approach. 

11. Do you take insurance?

I am a contracted insurance provider with Aetna and United HealthCare. Whether or not you have coverage for nutrition services depends upon your individual plan and diagnoses. As a courtesy, I will verify your coverage prior to your visit. Insurance covers individual visits and does not cover packages. If you do not have United HealthCare or Aetna, I can provide a Superbill which you can submit to your insurance with a claim sheet in order to seek reimbursement. I would be considered an out-of-network provider. Ultimately, the patient is responsible for understanding his/her insurance coverage for services and paying any fees not covered by insurance; therefore, a patient may also want to verify his/her nutrition coverage with insurance as well. If you need assistance with asking your insurance about specific diagnostic or procedural codes that are covered, please let me know.

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