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10 packable recovery snacks

For many, busy lives make it tough just to be able to get in a workout, let alone endurance athletes hoping to train 10-20 hours per week. Quite often other things are “cut” in order to create more time – for example, breakfast after a morning session. Unfortunately, not recovering properly with a snack or meal can prevent all those benefits of the workout from even occurring.

So here are 10 packable recovery snacks (some perishable, some non-perishable.) With a little planning, and investing in an insulated bag or small cooler, you can have easy access to recovery fuel – whether leaving the pool in the morning or driving back from a country bike ride. The main components? Protein, carbohydrates, and a typically portable piece of fruit.

1. Hummus with pita and mozzarella cheese stick.

2. Peanut butter & jelly on whole wheat.

3. Chocolate milk.

4. Greek yogurt with whole grain dry cereal.

5. Beef/turkey jerky with an orange.

6. Hard-boiled eggs with whole wheat English muffin and jelly.

7. Rice cakes with peanut butter and banana.

8. Tuna fish with crackers and grapes.

9. Leftover whole-grain waffle or pancake “sandwich” with almond butter and apple slices.

10. Cottage cheese with pineapple.

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